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Tonight, while brushing my hair, I attempted to do a little styling. Unfortunately, it did not go well....(understatement). It was one of those normal styling brushes, you know, the ones that are a straight cylinder with bristles going all the way around.

The brush got stuck.

In my bangs no less - I have no fringe to speak of, my hair is just too long at the front and I have to keep it that way, else it looks like I have a little puffball of curls along the top of my forehead.

Now, I have long hair, even if I do say so myself. It's such a hassle to deal with that I normally use no-nonsense styles (ponytail or bun) to keep it out of my road. So having this brush stuck in my bangs was... aggravating to say the least. I was not looking forward to having to cut the tangle out, not least because it would look a damn weird sight.

Thankfully, my mother has the patience of a saint, skillful fingers, useful tools and my dad's hairstyling knowledge as her arsenal (Yes, I'm nearly 20 and still live with my parents, so what?).

She managed to tease the hair a little looser, then fetched a fine button-hook to ease my hair from the bristles. Dad contributed by suggesting conditioner as a lubricant, making the hair easier to manipulate.

Due to this unforseen idiocy, I suffered for the better part of an hour while mum got me loose.

...I should have taken pictures XD XD XD.


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