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I live 15 minutes by car from an indoor ski place called Snowplanet. So, after living at my current home for 6 years, today I went skiing for the first time.

[livejournal.com profile] satsuki_samurai came with me, and acted as an unofficial ski-instructor. She's been doing this since she could walk steadily; me, not so much. I was very grateful for her help - I went down on my ass three times in the first 15 minutes on the slope.

Though, that stage didn't last long. I'm just happy that I didn't foul my skis, end up in a man-sized snowball, or break an ankle.

After about 4 hours or so, I was skiing a lot better. I went from no-experience-whatsoever to making turns without falling, so I'm plenty pleased. But I do think my ankles hate me.

Satsuki and I spent the last half-hour or so tobogganing on canvas and plastic covered inner-tubes. Best activity EVAR.

I think I want to go skiing again. Though not until the school-holiday-rush is over.