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whitefirebird ([personal profile] whitefirebird) wrote2012-01-18 09:36 pm

IQ test - are you a logical thinker?

You know all those IQ tests people do? Dad just showed this to me. Don't read any further until you've watched it. ALL THE WAY THROUGH, PEOPLE!

It is surprising how many people would not understand how those answers are reached, and would sit there going "Buh... wha... huh?"

In any event, it had better be a pretty enormous fridge. (spoiler, highlight to see)

I have a grin on my face that I can't get rid of. XD
*is ded of laughter*

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I know a couple more of these following on from where the video ended.

1. The lion king is holding a summit of all the animals in the kingdom, but one animal isn't there. Which one?

The elephant still in the fridge.

2. A man needs to cross the river full of man eating crocodiles. How does he do it?

He swims, the crocodiles are all at the summit.