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So, I was rereading a favoured author's works this evening, and was inspired to write fic. The 'verse in question is a crack-based one that was itself inspired by ajremix's Destruction'verse. The icons also didn't help (or maybe they did, depends on how you look at things).

Destruction'verse can be found here.
Fairy Godmech'verse can be found here and here. Icons scattered on [livejournal.com profile] ante_luce's journal.

Resulting ficlet:

Swoop was roaring in the background. First Aid was struggling to hold in laughter. Ratchet himself had a huge slag-eating grin on his face.
"Do yah think he migh' have learned 'is lesson, Doc?" asked Jazz, smothering a grin.
"It's a distinct possibility; you never know with the twins, Sideswipe in particular..." Ratchet replied, still grinning. "In any event, I think we're going to need Wheeljack if we're ever going to get them back to normal."
Everyone's eyes were drawn to the mechs in question.
"Well, now they know that Prowl can, and will, follow through on his magical threats. Shame about the pink toast though" said Spike, muffling a snicker.
If ever a 'bot could look pathetic, these two managed quite nicely.
"Still. Prowl, did you really have to turn the twins into that?"
"Sorry, Prime. But they did mess with the quarterly reports from Cybertron. It'll take at least three cycles to sort everything out."
Prime winced. At least he knew now that the transfiguration was warranted.
*pop* *pop*

"He did WHAT! Oh, this is priceless!"
"I quite agree, Lord Megatron. This is indeed an... interesting situation."
"Say it for what it is, Soundwave. It's fragging hilarious!"
"For once I agree with you, Starscream. Those thrice-damned Pit-spawn twins have finally got their due. However..."
The pair stilled.
"...I'm curious as to how that SiC of theirs managed to change them into frog-shaped toasters."


Disclaimer: I'm just playing with already established characters; and another couple of fans' 'verses. *is amused*


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